Single 16 hp


· Weight Class: 1050 lb.

· Age limit on class participation: 5 years old and/or physically capable of being in full control of their tractor at all times.

· 16Hp Maximum for Stock Single Engine must have stock stroke.

· Stock (OEM) flywheel (cast) is recommended but solid flywheel are optional for safety reasons.

· No porting, polishing, headwork, cam grinding and/or cam twisting.

· May mill the head as long as the combustion ring is present and valve area is not changed. Stock pin height. Stock rod may be inserted.

· Stock appearing heads ONLY.

· Crank trigger optional

· Electric fuel pumps optional but must be able to be killed through emergency kill switch.

· Stock Frame (OEM Frame). You CANNOT move the rear axle from the stock position. The engine MUST be in the OEM position. The front axle can be moved as long as it is still under the stock frame length.

· Wheelbase: 52” maximum

· Non­stock grills are allowed. (aluminum or fiberglass) Stock production, non­altered cams only.

· Maximum for OHV twin cylinders is 44 cubic inches, Flat head twin cylinders 45 cubic inches, and 37 cubic inches for single cylinders.

· Locked rear axles are allowed.

· Fuel must be gasoline only. (.750 specific gravity maximum). Electric fuel pumps allowed.

· Stock class will be divided into Single and Twin Cylinders. Max 4000 RPM for all tractors