Large Tire V8

 V-8: Large Tires 18.4 x 16.1

 • Weight Class: 2050 lb.

 • Age limit on class participation: 16 years old and/or physically capable of being in full control of their tractor at all times unassisted.

 • Must have a lockout device to keep the tractor from starting while in gear. 

• Must have either a scatter blanket or minimum 3/8” steel cover over the bell housing, unless SFI certified, U-Joints also need to be shielded.

 • No cubic inch limit, small blocks only. 468 Cubic inch limit, on Big Blocks. No blower or turbo, naturally aspirated only. Fuel: Alcohol or gasoline is allowed. No Nitrated or Oxidized fuels allowed

 • Front skid plates are required for safety reasons.