Contestant Rules


1. Drivers will operate his/her tractor in a safe manner and in such a manner to be in full control at all times in or out of the pit area.

2. Careless driving in the pits and along the track on either a pulling tractor or pullback vehicle will NOT be tolerated. Penalties for such actions are as follows;

3. 1st Offense: Written Warning. 2nd Offense: Banned for the rest of the pulling year, plus three pulls in the next pulling year if there are less than four pulls left in the current season.

4. Someone must be in the seat if possible at all times and mandatory for all mini rod classes.

5. Driver must have at least one hand on the steering wheel at all times.

6. Driver must keep both feet on the pegs.

7. Driver MUST stop immediately when the red flag drops. 

8. All drivers are required to wear long pants, shoes and shirts for ALL classes. No open toed shoes!

9. A fire suit is mandatory for the drivers in Automotive Classes or the tractor is running alcohol fuel.

10. Helmets are required in ALL classes. Helmets must meet DOT requirements, SNELL 95 or better. Full face helmets are recommend but not required.

11. The sled operator will pull the kill switch if he/she feels that the safety of the driver, spectators, or track officials is in jeopardy.

12. If you do not pass safety/tech inspection, you will be given a copy of tech and you have to fix the issue and have your tractor inspected at the next pull to receive your sticker. All tech stickers MUST be visible for the person hooking. NO EXCEPTIONS