Contest Rules


1. Each tractor is allowed only two (2) pulls per day for competition only.

2. Each tractor has two (2) attempts per hook as long as the sled has not passed the 35 ft false start line for garden tractors, and a 75 ft false start for Automotive. An attempt is considered once the hook goes in the hitch and driver physically tries to start the tractor in motion by revving up the engine and attempting to release the clutch. The sled will pull the tractor back and the second attempt will be made immediately or the tractor will be DQ.

3. The test puller in each class has the option to take his/her pull or drop to fourth position or at the end of the class. This decision must be made before the tractor leaves the track.

4. Any mechanical issues or re­weighting of the sled the next test puller has the option to re­pull at the fourth position or last position.

5. If the test puller is disqualified, he/she will get a second option prior to the false start line.

6. If the sled experiences mechanical breakage during a pull or the driver is stopped and the problem is not with the driver or his/her tractor, the driver will have the option to drop four (4) places to allow the engine to cool. If there are less than four tractors left in the class, they will have five (5) minutes maximum after the last tractor has finished.

7. As long as no part of the tractor physically touches the white boundary line, the tractor is NOT disqualified. If only the sled goes out of bounds the puller is not disqualified. If a puller is disqualified as above, the tractor will receive last place points in the class.

8. Points will be awarded as follows: 5 points for show, 1 point to hook 1st =10 Pts, 2nd =9Pts, 3rd=8Pts, 4th=7Pts, 5th=6Pts, 6th=5Pts, 7th=4 Pts, 8th=3Pts, 9th=2Pts, 10th place and down will receive 1 point and  show and hook points. If a tractor is unable to hook in its class due to mechanical breakage or other catastrophic failure, it will receive last place points in the class. Points are awarded to the tractor and NOT the driver. Show points will ONLY be awarded if you are registered for that class.

9. There will be a 2 lb. variance in weight allowed for all tractors.

10. If a tractor in a class is questionable, not covered under a specific class, a meeting of the officers will be called to determine if said tractor can compete and in which class it should be competing in. Once the class is determined, all the members of that class must approve the tractor competing in their class. (Example a V­6 pulling in the 4-cylinder class must be approved by all members of the 4-cylinder class.)

11. NO alcohol consumption before or during the participating events. If a puller/crew member is caught, said person will NOT be allowed to participate that day. The penalty applies to the puller and not the tractor.

12. No use of tobacco products on the track while driving due to fire hazards.

13. Class rules are voted on by the pullers of that class. (Example: Stock votes on stock rules ONLY!)

14. Rules may be changed at any time to promote safety.

15. Weigh in is on the honor system. The association will be performing random checks at any time they see fit.